Welcome to my little corner of the internet where you can find sneak peeks from recent sessions, images of my loved ones and any other fun finds that I stumble upon and think you'll like. Lynsey xxx


Alix (8yrs)

I've been neglecting my camera recently so I was extra pleased to see Alix who always does a great job modelling for me!!  I'm really going to focus on building my porfolio over the next few months and finishing off my marketing set (which has been on my to do list for a while now) so I can start advertising more.  Im also really looking forward to an education session with Elizabeth Halford Photography down at Whitby in August, which was a birthday treat from my dear boyfriend...Love you Daniel:)....So overall lots to look forward to:)

Thanks Kerry @ Lotus Petal for the flowers!
Check out their FB page.  Kerry is a very talented lady.

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